Coronavirus quarantine ideas while you are stuck in home

Well, many days have been passed out after lock-down. As it is for our safety we have to stay at home. We are so bored because we have a habit to go outside for job, educations like school, collages, gyms, parks, holidays and so on but due to this situation we have to stay at home. But that doesn't mean that you will be stuck at home.

Now Step Phase going to suggest you some quarantine ideas which would help you to pass your time at home.

1. Playing some games :

As it’s quite easy to go bonkers under these circumstances, you may need to do more than just the usual to keep your mind sane and happy. And, what can be better than engaging in fun indoor games with your family? So whip up everyone’s favourite delicacies, get to the living room and let the games begin!

Here’s a list of 9 interesting indoor games, that are just too much fun!

2. Conversation with family and friends :

family is known for breaking host and guest social norms. Because family knows each other’s triggers and because family relations often require more of us.
Here's some topics which would help you with a conversation with.
  • Ask thoughtful questions, inspired by whatever honest curiosity you feel
  • Try to understand, not convince or persuade
  • Share personal stories and experiences, not data points
  • Notice if there are areas of agreement.
  • Assume good intentions and extend the benefit of the doubt
  • Thoughtfully end the conversation when you are triggered or tired
  • Share appreciation for having the conversation 

3. Doing some other activities :

  • Watching movies :

As we know, all like to watch movies. Let step phase introduce some interesting movies. if you don't buy amazon prime don't I have some solution for you follow this link click me.
1. Titanic
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 2. Five feet apart
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3. Avengers end game 
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4. The lion king
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5. Charlie's angels
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6. Parasite Oscar-Winning movie (Step Phase Suggestions )
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  • Doing some art and crafts :

" Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known."
We share a video with you to do some crafts in free time.
  • You can do yoga, cooking, dancing, singing, cleaning, designing, painting, sketching, reading books, writing, playing or practising on instruments and many more skills you that you know.  These things make you busier in quarantine time. 
  • Students who have got holidays in the middle of their studies because of lockdown they can continue their studies by watching helpful videos and can join online courses too.

4. Do some planning :

Speaking of all those cool things you’ve done … At some point, this will all be over, and life will return to normal. So think about what other cool things you’d like to do when that time comes. Maybe go on a vacation, or buy a new TV.

5. Put on your own theatre show :

Dress up in costume. Make up your own play or base it on your favourite movie. Heck, you could even make puppets out of socks or small paper bags and put on a puppet show. Make it fun!
All right, step phase have shared most of the useful ideas which can be helpful for you. Keep supporting this lockdown.

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