Google Pixel 5 XL price leaked reveals triple camera with a new unique design...

Google Pixel 5 seems on AI Benchmark website with Snapdragon 765G and 8GB RAM Leak&Rumors

Google Pixel 5 has appeared on the AI Benchmark website, which has discovered its processor.

Google recently disclosed its Google pixel 4A smartphone within the world market. the corporate is currently according to be within the works to launch its Google pixel 5 smartphone presently. So far, the corporate has not mentioned something regarding the specifications, features, or the launch date of the device. That said, we've got these days been able to spot the Google pixel 5 on the AI benchmark website, which provides us and operating clue on what the processor of the device is. It additionally provides us with the performance metrics of Google Pixel 5. Take a glance at the AI benchmark listing for the Google Pixel 5 smartphone and establish what it's future for us

Google Pixel 5 processors discovered via AI benchmark listing

As seen within the AI benchmark web site image, the Google Pixel 5 can run on an associate octa-core Qualcomm flower 765G processor, which can be paired with 8GB of RAM. This essentially implies that the Google Pixel 5 is a 5G telephone. apart from this, the AI benchmark listing doesn't tell us something regarding Google Pixel 5. That said, we've got already received associate alleged render of the Google Pixel 5 XL smartphone back in February 2020, which hints at a novel style now around. just in case you're fascinated by checking that out, you'll head to our previous coverage for constant.

For now, this is often just about all the intel that we've got on the forthcoming Google Pixel 5, however we tend to ar guaranteed to receive a lot of data on constant within the returning days. Whenever we tend to do, we'll keep you announce on constant. What are your thoughts on the forthcoming Google Pixel 5? Do allow us to grasp within the comments section below.

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There is still plenty of your time left for Google to unveil its Google Pixel 5 series of smartphones – a minimum of another eight months from currently. That, however, has not stopped the leaks from taking drugs on the net. As a matter of reality, the first-ever render of the approaching Google Pixel 5 XL smartphone has simply leaked, which provides us touch on what we are able to expect from the device. Let’s have a glance at the leaked render of the Google Pixel 5 XL.

As per the supply, the leaked render has been received from AN “extremely reliable” supply. The render is predicated on a 3D CAD file, and even supposing the supply includes a significant trust in it, we'd still counsel our readers to take it with a small pinch of salt for currently. Notably, this can be not the sole style Google has in mind. The supply claims that the leaked render is tierce of what’s happening within the Google camp, as this can be only 1 of the 3 prototypes. This essentially implies that Google won't even take into account this style with the ultimate product.

Nevertheless, the leaked render suggests a curiously placed camera setup at the rear. we are able to find 3 rear cameras ANd a junction rectifier flash sitting in a very glass-clad U-shaped housing. the ability button and therefore the volume buttons square measure on the correct facet of the aforesaid Google Pixel 5 XL. The rear of the device appears to be flat, however the corners square measure rounder. aside from that, the remainder of the look aesthetics of the device doesn't seem to be visible within the rendered image. The example, however, includes a giant edge at the highest, which might possibly create space for the Motion Sense sensing element and therefore the advanced Face Unlock sensing element. For now, it's too early to inform on what all the specifications of the Google Pixel 5 XL might be, however we tend to square measure absolute to receive additional intel on constant within the returning days.

When is Google Pixel 5 coming out?

Since 2016 or 2017, the Google Pixel line has followed a very deliberate and dependable naming scheme in mind, we were pretty confident that the next phone in the series would be called the Google Pixel 5 or Google Pixel 5 XL. Eventually, Google confirmed that as being 100% correct.

Although Google didn’t directly confirm, we expect the Google Pixel 5 to be joined at the launch event by the Google Pixel 4a 5G, a slightly upgraded version of the recently released Google Pixel 4a. If the two phones don’t land at the same event, they will certainly launch very near one another.

However, we have new evidence that a Google Pixel 5 XL might not be in 2020. Thanks to some code-sleuthing by 9to5Google, we now are under the assumption that only one “flagship” phone will land in 2020 from Google.

As far as a Google Pixel 5 release date goes, every flagship Pixel has landed in October, so it’s reasonable to expect the Google Pixel 5 to land in early or mid-October 2020 but not sure. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on release schedules and everything, though, so the launch or general on-sale date might be later than usual just rumors. For example, that’s what happened with the Google Pixel 4a release schedule: it came 3 months later than expected.

October is still the golden month for smartphone launches but not sure, however, due to its proximity to the holiday shopping season. As such, it is still very likely we’ll see the Google Pixel 5 in October along with other flagships Smartphone like OnePlus, Huawei, and more.

What about the Processor of Google Pixel 5?

There square measure 2 things each flagship picture element phone has had: the most recent Qualcomm 800-series processor and therefore the latest version of Google Pixel 5. whereas we have a tendency to square measure bound the Google Pixel 5 can land with Android 11, we have a tendency to have become a lot of skeptical that it'll have this year’s Qualcomm flagship, the Snapdragon 865.

Multiple Google Pixel 5 leaks counsel the phone can sport a lot of mid-range processors. As of at once, our greatest guess is that the snapdragon 765, 765G, or 768G may be what powers of the Google Pixel 5 will lineup.

At now, we have a tendency to square measure pretty bound the Google Pixel 5 lineup can feature mid-range processors, however that would be smart for your case.

Why would Google create this change? the foremost doubtless reason we are able to think about is the price. A fully-featured picture element phone with a Snapdragon 865 would want to start out at $1,000, very much like the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup will. even though Google cut a bunch of corners it might solely doubtless be ready to bring the entry worth all the way down to $899, the beginning worth for an OnePlus 8 pro.

However, if Google goes with the Snapdragon 768G instead, for instance, it might keep the price down whereas still delivering more-than-capable process power and 5G compatibility. it might conjointly create Google Pixel 5 phones appealing to cash-conscious shoppers World Health Organization would favorably compare the Google Pixel 5 rating to the Galaxy S20 line.

If you’re upset concerning however one thing just like the Snapdragon 765G would compare to the Snapdragon 865, don’t worry: we’ve got you coated.

Google Pixel 5 Price & Availability?

We actually have a very strong piece of evidence to support the idea that the Google Pixel 5 will return to some old school with its pricing. A Google survey seeking to find out which hypothetical Google Pixel phone responders would buy strongly suggests that Google Pixel is planning on selling the Google Pixel 5 for $699 as a starting price but not sure.

If this comes to pass, it would make the Google Pixel 5 cost only $50 more than the original Google Pixel phone from 2016, which started at $649 / RS 48.499.00. This would no doubt be great news for Google Pixel 5 fans.

As far as availability goes, Google confirmed in a press release that both the Google Pixel 5 and the Google Pixel 4a 5G will not be available in India or Singapore. It cited “local market trends and product features” as the reasoning behind the phones not arriving in those countries must b rumors. This likely means that the Google Pixel 4a will be the focus for developing markets and could also mean that the Google Pixel 5 will have a Motion Sense system, which is what kept the Google Pixel 4 lineup out of India.

Unfortunately, Google has a poor history when it comes to the wide availability of its phones even without Motion Sense as a hindrance. It’s reasonable to expect, however unfortunate it might be, that a full WorldWide rollout on the level of Samsung or Apple probably isn’t in the cards for the Google Pixel 5 lineup.

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