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Robotic massage at home

nowadays you can get a Full-Body massage at home without going to a spa or massage center, The robotics massage technology founded by French firm Capsix & Plymouth University, the UK on 4th may 2016, you can buy it for home and it is also available for rent, Capsix Robot has an automatic system with sensors and camera that can recognize your body shape and will understand your body language and give you a perfect massage that will give you a rest and it works perfectly. A robot system of physical relaxation and mental adapted that lunch for the world of enterprise based on protocols established by physiotherapists credit goes to Capsix Robotics.

What we address

On a daily basis, we accumulate back tensions linked to our postures, our repetitive business actions, stress, fatigue, etc. They can represent a discomfort, a feeling of discomfort. 
The workplace is both a source on the one hand of these tensions and at the same time a victim of them at the collective level, by the accumulation of the teams' unease.

Our proposal

A robot system of physical relaxation and mental adapted to the world of enterprise, based on protocols established by physiotherapists.

Our forces

Adaptation to the morphology of the person
Rich and varied human/robot interaction during the session
Patented technology, unique in the world

more about capsix robotics

This is an IYU professional by Capsix AI, a revolutionary robotic system of muscular relaxation to market well-being and awareness of tension and back pain within the work. AN worker will alleviate tension, stress, and/or an aching or dangerous posture and select the sort of massage, the musical atmosphere, and change the pressure at any moment.

Capsix AI is on a mission is to make a positive setting wherever health and upbeat could be a prime priority for all workers. Therefore, it encourages the utilization of IYU professionals as a service in giant corporations. The care protocols square measure outlined by physiotherapists and square measure adjustable to varied positions, further because of the morphology of the user.

Capsix is ​​developing a revolutionary technology permitting complicated body treatments to be performed in hands-free mode, with a cooperative mechanism. The targeted applications square measure slimming treatments, massages (relaxation, analgesic, sports), numerous aesthetic treatments, periodic lightweight hair removal, or impermanent tattooing, tired totally new user expertise. The strength of this proprietary innovation lies within the ability of the system to adapt the treatment in real-time to the patient's morphology and his cause, with none human intervention. The system conjointly collects physiological knowledge for additional customized, economical, and historical treatment. An example is already being tested in Lyon. within the application targeted for the example, any initial fears connected to novelty utterly disappear ahead of the thinness and suppleness of the treatment provided. Capsix is ​​currently trying to find industrial partners so as to use its technology in their businesses. - does one have a treatment technology that you just need to form hands-free? - does one need to gather knowledge on the care provided? - square measure you inquisitive about our technology? Contact the United States for additional data! --- Capsix develops a brand new technology that supported a cooperative mechanism that performs hands-free body care treatments. Slimming massages, laser, ultrasound, magnetoelectric machine or lightweight therapies, and even tattoos square measure among the targeted applications, with totally new user expertise. the best innovation of this proprietary technology is the capability of the system to adapt the treatment in real-time to the patient's body form and cause with none human intervention. An example is already acting in Lyon, France, with a swish and precise gesture. Capsix is ​​currently trying to find industrial partners so as to use this hands-free resolution in real conditions.

Industries: Health, Wellness, and Fitness
Company size: 1-10 employees
Headquarters: LYON, Rhône-Alpes
Type: Partnership
Founded: 2015
Specialties: Collaborative Robotics, 3D Vision, Human-Robot Interaction, and Body Care


Francois Eyssautier is CEO
Carole Eyssautier is General Manager
robin pernaudat is a Robotics and IT R&D engineer
Yann KERAUTRET is a Ph.D. Student

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