FIFA 21 - Release date, Trailer, EA FIFA 21 news and rumors

PS5, Xbox Series X

Release date of FIFA 21 is 28 August 2020 for PS4Xbox OneNintendo Switch

What's new?

Feel the next-level experience, Fast to the field, Deferred rendering & lighting, reimagined player bodies, lit next level everywhere, Spatialized audio, Stats-driven player movement, Exquisite weather detail, Gameday immersion in FIFA 21, you can watch the trailer here

Dualsense controller on PlayStation5.

it will make you feel the rhythm of the game in your fingers like tackles, catches, hits, passes, shots. The faster loading process will give a quicker game experience that you will never have and letting you kick-offs in seconds with the fastest load speed. New environment authentic & enhance every part of the stadium with player fidelity, deferred lighting system, the ultra-realistic experience of the football.

Dynamic lighting accentuates like hair, uniforms, faces, kits will make fell the realism of the next level, Technology of the next generation will define deeper of player physiques. Thanks to spatialized audio Technology that you can hear the spine-tingling roar of the stadium, in Green Bay whether you are running in the tunnel in Atlanta or leaping into the stands, or madden that wraps around will make you feel completely immersive, The data of real-life athletes express the animation engine to create fluid, changing direction, running routes, athletic player movement when accelerating in the madden, the experience of ultra-responsive and realistic player movement in enhanced animation technology of FIFA 21. Humanization unlocks of the player are the most authentic character behaviors in sports video games and letting you see the detail and make you feel all the emotion of football and you can also adjust shin pads in the 89th minute to screaming for passes in the endzone. Visually enhanced weather conditions that will affect definition into the athlete's environmental variables, you can see cold winter snow accumulate & water in rain-drenched sidelines on the field, stunning new details in madden that you will never see before. Fan reactions, bench, the contextual player will make you feel the explosive passion of a last-minute winner / a game-clinching touchdown sounds experience of professional football.

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