Friendship day 2020 | Friends forever : 5 best Bollywood movies on friendship that makes you emotional

Hey guys.. here I m going to tell you about friendship day 2020. As friendship day is coming all are excited to celebrate this day. But due to this pandemic, we all are stucked in our house. But that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate this day. We can meet virtually with our friends. And I can suggest you that how can you meet and celebrate this day with your friends...!

On which day friendship day is celebrated?

Normally, friendship day is celebrated on 30 July, which is known as International friendship day but in India, friendship day is celebrated on first Sunday of August. By the way, there is no one of friendship.  But do you know why Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August?

World Friendship Day is a day to celebrate friendship.The day became a very popular celebration in many South American countries, since it was first celebrated in Paraguay in 1958 as 'International Friendship Day'.  Initially it was heavily promoted by the greeting card industry, later by social networking sites and with the spread of the Internet, its spread especially in India, Bangladesh and Malaysia.  The means of digital communication such as internet and cell phone helped immensely in popularizing this tradition.

The idea of ​​World Friendship Day was first proposed by Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracco on 20 July 1958.  Out of this meeting of friends, the World Friendship Crusade was born.  The World Friendship Crusade is a foundation that promotes friendship and fellowship among all human beings, regardless of race, color or religion. Since then, July 30 is celebrated every year in Paraguay as Friendship Day in earnest and is celebrated  It has also been adopted by many other countries. Today it is becoming more famous due to social media like WhatsApp Facebook.

Why do we celebrate friendship day?

Friendship is a relationship that does not require a blood relationship.  Just think how boring life of friends seems without it.  With whom would we share our heart and whose legs we used to talk about.  Laughter-joke, resentment- this is just friendship.  

How Can we celebrate friendship day?

Have fun with friends this day.  Wish those who are not getting friends or away from you by calling or messaging them. 

This day is also a day of forgetting all kinds of grievances.  If you have been estranged from a friend, then forget it today.

You can celebrate this day like this:

  • You can plan outings with friends. Plan it now.  It will be like a gate together. But due to this pandemic if you are away from your friend then please avoid this plan and video call your friends so that they may  feel happy.
  • If you are busy in the office and cannot talk more with friends, then take time out on this day and call everyone and tell them how special they are for you.
  • If you sit with your friends, then please revive old memories.  How you all used to have fun.
  •  Who does not like the gift?  If you also take gifts for your friends, then it will be icing on the cake.  Gifts are available in the market according to every kind of budget.  You can choose these according to your pocket.

God sends us to the ground by offering them gifts.Many relationships like parents, baba, grandmother, maternal grandmother, aunt and uncle join us with our birth.  But friendship is a relationship that we choose for ourselves. 
Some friends accompany every class of life from the first class of school, and some friends go on seeing time and custom.  Some friends become friends in the street - playing cricket in the street, and some help friends in school projects - they become friends. 

Some friends put a curtain on our mistake, and some friends get our mother to scold us.  But what to do, friends are friends.  No matter how bastard they may be, they also love a lot. 

Whenever there is a fight, I feel like breaking friendship with them, but what to do, it becomes difficult to live without them. Friendship is like this.

Bollywood has always exemplified friendship and love and also people have given a lot of love to all these movies. 

Some best Bollywood movies on friendship

Ae dil hai mushkil

Love can be one way but friendship brings color only when it is confirmed from both sides. This film says something like this ... Aye Dil Hai mushkil. Telling the story of Ayan and alize's friendship is definitely a must see.

Any Body Can Dance 

When an army of friends comes out, defeats Achecho and the heart of this film inspires friendship to always stand with each other.

Maine pyar kiya

You will remember the friend's cap, and once again you will have a desire to take that cap.This film told us that a boy and a girl are never friends.But this is not applicable in today's time. A boy and a girl can definitely be good friends.

3 idiots

This is the story of Farhan, Rancho and Raju Rastogi, when these three friends get together, they break the sweat of everyone and you will of course remember the condition of Chatur.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

This film is a story of love and friendship, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Rahul and Anjali's friendship is famous throughout the college, this friendship is so much that even love could not come between it.

Some famous dialogues of few Bollywood movies on friendship 

Dear friends, we have seen this famous movies which are the best on the basis of friendship, now let's see some few dialogues that you can dedicate to your friends and feel them special.

  • Dosti ki hai to nibhani padegi.
  • Purani sharab ki tarah purani dosti ka bhi ajeeb nasha hai.
  • Dosti woh hoti hai jo jeena sikhati hai marna nahi.
  • Pyar ka pehla kadam dosti aur akhri bhi.
  • Ache dost milna mushkil hai aur sacche milna usse bhi mushkil.
  • Pyaar me junoon hai, par dosti mai sukoon hai.
  • Sacche dost wahi hote hai jo ache vakht me aapki bajate hai aur jab mushkil vakht ata hai to wahi chichore aapke darvaze par khade nazar aate hai.

So, Hope you like it while reading and please like and comment that which movie is your favourite from these and yes share with your friends these dialogues so that they can be happy and tell how special they are for you.

Happy friendship day to you from us....!! Stay Safe.

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