Pixel 4a, iPhone SE, OnePlus Nord camera comparison and it's Price...


Pixel 4a, iPhone SE & OnePlis Nord camera comparison

Google Pixel 4a:

  • 12MP rear & 8MP front
  • Price: $349 / RS 26,100 / 266.51Pound

iPhone SE:

  • 12MP rear & 7MP front
  • Price: $554.79 / RS: 41,500.00 Pound: 426.27

OnePlus Nord:

  • 48MP, 8MP, 5MP, 2MP rear & 32MP, 8MP front
  • Price: $ 401.07 / £ 311.00 / € 341.83 / RS 29,999.00 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM

Google Pixel 4a camera: 

  • Jaw-dropping photos.
  • Near, way, or maybe galaxies away.
  • A camera that captures your best selfies, and reminiscences.
  • Top-notch photos. preoccupied a notch.
  • HDR+ makes your photos look even higher by mechanically adjusting the color and lighting of your click.
  • Get the shot without the flash. Take clear photos in a low light moment with Night Sight.
  • Portraits that look utterly skilled: Focus on your subjects by adding a creative blur to the background in portrait mode.
  • Bring the blur to a lot of photos: You can additionally add a blur impact to portraits not shot on a picture element later with Portrait Blur in Google Photos.
  • Share during a snap: Send photos directly from the viewfinder of your picture element camera to your favorite Google and third-party social apps.

iPhone SE 2020 camera:

  • iPhone SE camera system with the iPhone 11 Pro A13 Bionic chip brings for you a portrait mode that can automatically blur your click background and adjust your background in a perfect way, same to the same in a selfie's mode.
  • Depth COntrol: is available for lets you blur the background little or more as much as you need whenever you want to blur your click after you capture your shot.
  • Portrait Lighting: that came with the 6studio-quality effect that can automatically adjust the lighting intensity that lets you give your click so perfectly.
  • iPhone SE latest generation Smart HDR recognizes your face when it comes in display and perfectly relights it to capture your click skin tones and contours like natural-looking and perfectly highlight the shadow detail in the background so that can make your photo looks Hot  & Awesome.
  • High video quality means 4k video recorder means you will see four times more HD video than 1080p and extra added dynamic range that adds perfect highlights and shadows that you will never see it before and a QuickTake is also available in a video recording that you just holding the shutter button on display so your photo op turns into a video recording op which is amazing for iPhone SE.

OnePlus Nord camera:

  • Cameras are another space wherever OnePlus may have skimped but didn't. The OnePlus Nord includes a total of six cameras — four at the rear and 2 within the front. the most rear camera is that the very same one that you'd get with the OnePlus eight. the corporate has even unbroken the optical stabilization, that is nice to check. the opposite 3 are associate 8-megapixel camera lens camera, a 2-megapixel macro camera, and a 5-megapixel depth-sensing element. the next resolution for macros would are additionally helpful, in my opinion. For selfies, you get a primary 32-megapixel Sony IMX616 camera and a secondary 8-megapixel camera lens camera.
  • The camera app appearance and functions terribly equally to the one within the OnePlus 8-series phones. All the shooting modes are at an all-time low, together with buttons for the flash, timer, resolution, macro mode, and filters at the highest. OnePlus has teamed up with German lensman Hannes Becker to make some special filters for the OnePlus Nord. The buttons to modify between the first and camera lens cameras are simply accessible within the viewfinder.
  • In daylight, the most rear camera on the OnePlus Nord captures sensible photos. I found that details were usually sensible in landscape shots, colors were nicely saturated, and HDR worked well. Dynamic vary felt a touch lacking, compared to the OnePlus eight, and in several instances, darker regions of photos did not have ok details. the most camera saves 12-megapixel oversampled photos by default however you'll be able to like better to shoot at the complete resolution too.
  • The camera lens camera captured relatively weaker details, however, it still did an honest job with colors and HDR. there isn't any optical zoom on the Nord. Instead, you'll be able to digitally concentrate victimization the most camera, up to 10x, however, the quality degrades terribly quickly. Close-ups looked sensible in daylight, with tight details, however colors looked oversaturated sometimes. I found the optical device system to be fairly fast too.
  • For portrait shots, the OnePlus Nord will simulate a shallow depth of field victimization the first camera, though the amount of blur can not be adjusted. you'll be able to select from 2 views during this mode. The macro camera worked right well however it isn't nice and was solely helpful once there was an honest quantity of close lightweight around our subject.
  • Low-light photos clothed tight, given sturdy enough lightweight sources around. In a lot of darker scenes, I had to use Nightscape. the matter with OnePlus's night mode on the Nord is that though it may be quite effective in brightening up a photograph, it conjointly tends to flatten textures and lighten shadows, that isn't a trade-off I would need. The camera lens camera conjointly extremely struggles to capture usable shots in low lightweight unless you utilize Nightscape.
  • I think the selfie cameras on the OnePlus Nord ar a way larger deal than those on the rear. It's funny that the OnePlus Nord will shoot 4K 60fps video from the selfie camera, whereas the flagship eight and eight professional smartphones are stuck at 1080p. In daylight, the first camera captured excellent details, skin tones looked sensible, and HDR was handled well. The Nord tends to sharpen selfies a touch an excessive amount of, however, you'll be able to take the sting off by setting the wonder filter to level one. In low lightweight, details suffered and overall quality was quite average.
  • Selfies are captured at the complete 32-megapixel resolution by default, but if you turn to portrait mode, the phone saves 8-megapixel shots. The camera lens front camera may be a thoughtful addition, however I would like that OnePlus had tweaked its color profile a touch higher. Besides lower levels of detail, pictures sometimes had a small ruddy tone to them. In low-light shots, colors usually look muted, however, a minimum of this camera still managed to capture right bright pictures.
  • Coming to the video, we have a tendency, to begin with, the rear cameras. The OnePlus Nord will shoot at up to 4K 30fps with the most and camera lens cameras, however, you will need to modify to the one you wish before recording as you cannot try this once you start shooting. there isn't any 4K 60fps choice, since, in step with OnePlus, the Nord had some heating problems at the testing stage, that is why this capability was born.
  • When shooting at 4K 30fps, videos had a neutral color tone throughout the daytime, colors were vivid, and stabilization was swish. Footage from the camera lens camera was relatively farinaceous and that I detected a small shimmer as a result of it attempting to stabilize video. The Super Stable mode is meant to boost the stabilization even any, however, the standard isn't nice.
  • In low lightweight, the OnePlus Nord managed fairly tight quality video at 4K. Details were sensible and the noise wasn't a lot of difficulties. However, the instant I started on the move, there was a nasty shimmer with each footstep. Video recorded with the camera lens camera looked worse in low lightweight.
  • Moving to the selfie cameras, I found 4K 60fps videos looked excellent throughout the day. Details were glorious and the colors looked sensible. you do not get electronic stabilization at this frame rate, however you are doing at 30fps. The camera lens camera is additionally tight for video, however is not nearly as good because of the main one. you cannot switch between the 2 cameras whereas shooting at 4K or 1080p, that I found a touch limiting. Low-light quality isn't nice with either camera, with weak colors and visual grain.
  • Overall, the rear camera expertise is not too completely different from what you'd get with the OnePlus eight, however the selfie cameras are literally associate improvement.

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