PlayStation 5 supposed to user interface details leaked by disgruntled game developer and fan offers smooth UI concept integrating official PS5 boot screen

Playstation 5 UI has been leaked by a seemingly disgruntled game developer who is working on the latest Call of Duty title and a fan has used the official PlayStation 5 boot screen to come up with a fresh-looking UI concept for the next-generation console.

PlayStation 5 user interface details have appeared on Reddit (alleged leak), but it was soon removed by forum moderators (developer) for featuring “prohibited content” (full leak in the screenshot down below). The leak information of PlayStation 5 was apparently made by an artist or developer who had been working with Activision on the latest Call of Duty game which comes in a few months and had become disillusioned by the business practices of the developer nothing else. According to the OP, the PlayStation 5 UI will be very close to that of the PlayStation 4 but with the app/game panel now shifted on the bottom of the display. PlayStation 5 Users will be able to use a “peek on hover” function to browse through their software selection and also see the details: which friends are playing special events, certain titles, etc.

There is also apparently an extensive theme system in PlayStation 5, to the extent that it even allows sounds to be played through the DualSense controller, causing it to light up and rumble in PS5. The leaker states that Sony has delivered multiple designs of the PlayStation 5 UI developers so no-one can be really sure which article is genuine. The “news” tab is hidden for this version and there are tabs for PSNOW, PSPlus, Alerts, Party, Profile, Power-off, Friends, Forum, Settings and a couple of mysterious functions which you will love it in PS5 that have been kept a secret. It appears the unhappy artist or developer was working on a game-related theme for the PS5 UI that is why they supposedly had access to the still unrevealed interface.

For those fans who are wondering what the completed PS5 UI may look like, lots of PS5 fan concepts already uploaded to YouTube and else. The newest examples incorporate the already officially revealed PS5 boot screen and also takes the viewer a step further after the “PS5 button” has been pressed to access the UI. There is a user selection screen and after that comes the main interface with apps and games scrolling bottom of the display and there are trophy statistics and friend details in the top right corner and message alerts are delivered in the top left corner. The concept created by the graphic designer PM "Paulo Manso" which has been praised for its clean and simple design.

Alleged PS5 UI leak. notebookcheck(Image source: Reddit via NeoGAF/Oddspeak)

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