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Capisco's award-winning design offers a variety of healthy and active sitting postures. Also making it a perfect complement to an adjustable standing desk.

Capisco chair supporting the body's natural need for movement. which is an active workplace that transforms the way people feel at work.

Capisco chair: This is the chair you will find most of the place. As well as inspired by the movement and form for the body. Capisco Human-centered design it to be more healthy and acting sitting postures. Its plus-shaped back of the seat is too comfortable for backward sitting or sideways sitting. Also, its contoured saddle seat opens the hips for a more active and forward posture. As well as there is plenty of space at the back of the seat so you sit on it like a traditional way. Additionally, Capisco's made 50% recycled material. Also making it, a smart environmental choice too.

Clean with care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth, Regular vacuuming. If you made a mess then try a dilute solution of gentle detergent.

Eco Polyester - Capisco

  • Its composition is 100% post-Consumer polyester
  • Description: A high durable, completely recycled, rich-hued polyester upholstery.
  • Cleaning with care: water-based cleaning solvent or agent. Also, you can use a dry-cleaning solvent but the foam of mild detergent or upholstery shampoo.

Paloma Leather - Capisco

  • Its composition is predominantly cattle hides of the central European origin
  • Cleaning with care: Paloma leather will respond well to standard leather care and its treatment.
  • Durability: Leather isn't rated, but it tends to be pretty tough if you'll treat right.

Chair Height

  • 265mm standard range is optimal so most of the people working at adjustable or a standing height desks.
  • As well as 200mm lift adjusts from approximately 48.5 - 65.5 cm.
  • Also, a shorter 150mm lift provides height adjustment of 46.6 - 54.6 cm.
  • But I didn't recommend a 150mm lift for most users and applications.
  • As well as, if you fixed its height at a lower desk, or if you're under 165 cm so you may prefer a lower lift.
  • Do not hesitate to reach out, if you need help deciding what will work best for you.


Capisco base an aluminum frame. and it comes in Black, Silver, and White color.


Footring in Silver, White, and Black to match your chair. Amazing addition for any tall seat, I recommend the footring with a standard 265mm lift. So it is easily slipped on to your assembled Capisco. And it can also be removed without disassembling the chair.


I recommend for under 165 cm and lower fixed-height desk not compatible with footring in 46.6 - 54.6 cm height adjustment with 150mm lift.
for lower fixed-height desks or extended range Jarvis desks in 48.5 - 65.5 height adjustment with a 200 mm lift.
and standard with all Capisco chair in 57 - 81 cm with 265 mm lift.

Price: $ 1,201.62 / £ 904.19 / €1,015.00 / RS 88,014.32

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