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Only 25% of Valencians under 60 years vaccinated with AstraZeneca accept the second dose of Pfizer | Sánchez hopes to vaccinate ESO and Baccalaureate students two weeks before the start of the course | Almost one in three European citizens has the complete vaccine schedule

People flock to the Sarojini Nagar market in New Delhi this Saturday. PRAKASH SINGH / AFP

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The Indian Ministry of Health has registered Saturday more than 60,000 cases and 1,600 deaths from coronavirus on the last day. In total, the country has accumulated 29,823,546 confirmed cases and more than 385,137 deaths since the start of the pandemic. In Spain, more than 42,000 people under 60 years of age who were vaccinated with the first dose of AstraZeneca in the Valencian Community have chosen to complete their regimen with Pfizer, following Healthcare recommendations, which is equivalent to 25% of all people cited by the Generalitat. The remaining 75%, who are more than 127,000 people, have preferred to complete the vaccination with AstraZeneca. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez trusts that the authorizations of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) of vaccines for minors arrive in time to be able to vaccinate ESO and Baccalaureate students two weeks before the course begins, as announced this Saturday In Europe, 30.3% of the population has the complete schedule, while 54.1% have at least one dose.

Peru exceeds six million doses applied against covid-19

Peru this week exceeded the six million doses applied against covid-19 while experiencing a decrease in the number of infections and deaths caused by the disease, according to the latest balance of the Ministry of Health (Minsa). The Peruvian Government has contracted 62.7 million doses, of which more than 6.1 million have already been applied, with an increasing rate that last week reached a new daily record of 167,000 people inoculated. In total, about 3.75 million citizens have received the first dose, and just over 2.75 million completed the immunization process. As of this Saturday, the national vaccination plan includes cancer patients and HIV patients, in parallel with pregnant women and those over 60 years of age. (Eph)

Brazilians take to the streets again against Bolsonaro's management of the pandemic

The left protested again this Saturday in Brazil against President Jair Bolsonaro, the leader of a denialist extreme right, at a time when the country is close to 500,000 deaths from covid-19. Equipped with masks, thousands of people took to the streets in various capitals of the South American giant, including Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Brasilia, to press for the departure of the head of state for his management of the coronavirus pandemic, which is being investigated by a Senate commission. Under the slogan "Bolsonaro out", the protesters also demanded more vaccines against the coronavirus, after it was learned that the Brazilian government rejected on several occasions last year a first shipment of vaccines from the Pfizer laboratory. (Eph)

Chile exceeds 6,000 new cases of covid-19 for the third consecutive day

The Chilean health authorities reported this Saturday the detection of 6,263 new cases of covid-19 in the country -third day out of 6,000- and 133 deaths, reaching a total of 31,392 confirmed deaths since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 but more than 40,000 counting cases considered "suspicious" by the Ministry of Health. According to the daily report on the state of the pandemic, 13 of the 16 regions of the country decreased their new infections, while Atacama, Coquimbo, and Aysén suffered an increase. (Eph)

St. Petersburg limits the influx into the Eurocup fan zone

The governor of Saint Petersburg, Alexandr Beglov, decided this Saturday to limit the influx of Euro Cup fans in the city's fan zone from 5,000 to 3,000 due to the increased spread of the coronavirus. The measure, adopted in the form of a decree, will come into force as of this Sunday. In central Konyushennaya Square, there can only be 3,000 fans and up to 1,000 people in the theme park in Yubileiny. Restrictions in the area dedicated to fans had previously been announced. Since Thursday no food is sold in Konyushennaya, only drinks. In Saint Petersburg, 996 new cases of coronavirus have been registered in the last 24 hours, 26 more than the previous day and 50 more than on Thursday. (Eph)

Schools in Mexico City will close again starting Monday

Schools in Mexico City that had just returned to face-to-face classes will close again starting Monday, as the capital rises to a higher level of coronavirus risk, education authorities said this Saturday. Mexico City officials had eased restrictions on gatherings in schools, hotels, shops, and restaurants just two weeks ago when the dense urban area moved to the lowest risk level of the government's four-tier "stoplight" model. But on Friday night the federal Ministry of Health placed Mexico City, with more than nine million inhabitants, one step higher on the scale from June 21 to July 4. (Reuters)

The incidence in Andalusia falls by three points with 1,329 cases and seven deaths

The cumulative incidence of covid-19 in Andalusia has decreased in the last 24 hours by three points and stands at 176.2 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants, while in this time there have been 1,329 new positives and there have been seven deaths.

France adds 22 new deaths from coronavirus with a slight rebound in cases.

France added 22 new deaths from coronavirus this Saturday, an appreciable decrease compared to 58 the previous day, although there was a slight rebound in daily cases. The new daily infections were 2,624 (from 2,439 on Friday). With these figures, the country totals 110,753 deaths and 5,755 million infections since the start of the pandemic. In addition, this Saturday the gradual decrease in hospital pressure also continued, with 10,531 patients admitted (207 less compared to the previous day) and 1,703 in intensive care (37 less). The incidence rate has already fallen to 29.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days, while the rate of positivity among the tests carried out has dropped to 1.1%. (Eph)

Former Argentine President Macri says that the coronavirus is "the flu, a little more serious" and then apologizes

Former Argentine President Mauricio Macri has described the coronavirus as a "flu, a little more serious", so he considers that "never" has believed that it was something for which "one has to be without sleep." "I am not one of those who have really believed that this flu, a little more serious, is something (for which) one has to be without sleep due to this situation, but I said, in this case, 'let's release a vaccine", Macri has affirmed in an interview published by the Argentine newspaper El SolThese words are in response to the question about the statements he made in February and in which he argued that he would not be vaccinated until "the last Argentine" did and that then he would only be vaccinated in Miami. Macri has already traveled to Miami to get vaccinated. "I did not travel to get vaccinated, I traveled for a conference. Since I cannot buy millions of vaccines, because I am no longer the President, I made a contribution. My vaccine is no longer needed, I have already been vaccinated," he added. For the ex-president, "the pandemic is a disgrace, but the quarantine, the abuses of authority and the curtailment of freedoms only brought more problems," Macri said. After the publication of the interview, Macri has apologized to those affected by the coronavirus. I apologize for the mistake I made yesterday when talking about the pandemic and I send my apologies to the people who were affected by this virus and to their families. In no way do I minimize the global impact of the covid and the suffering it has caused, "Macri posted on his Twitter account. (Ep)

US Triples Vaccines for Taiwan with 2.5 Million Doses Shipment

Taiwan will receive 2.5 million doses of covid-19 vaccines this Sunday as a donation from the United States, as reported by the American Institute of Taiwan (AIT) on its Facebook website. The institute announced "the arrival in Taiwan tomorrow (Sunday) of 2.5 million doses of the Moderna vaccine donated by the United States government." A shipment that, the institute has stressed, "includes the 750,000 doses announced on June 6 and 1.75 million additional doses," agreed upon after the June 6 visit of three US senators to Taipei. The announcement was made by Senator Tammy Duckworth during a visit to Taiwan to assess the situation of her Asian ally, an occasional point of disagreement with China, that claims its sovereignty over the territory against the independence ambitions of the local authorities. (Ep)

Around 10% of nightlife venues in Catalonia will not open until the end of the restrictions

Between 5% and 10% of the nightlife venues in Catalonia will not open their stalls again until all the restrictions imposed to stop the coronavirus pandemic drop, the Catalan Federation of Restoration Activities Associations and Musicals (FECASARM). The Official Gazette of the Generalitat publishes this Saturday the resolution by which nightlife venues will be able to reopen as of Monday, the 21st, the last sector to resume activity after more than 15 months closed as a result of the pandemic. Discos, party and dance halls, and café-theaters may be open at most until 03:30 am, with an additional half hour to vacate the premises. You can dance on the floor but with a mask and without crowds, and also consume at the bar, but with a distance of 1, 5 meters respect other clients, except if they are living together. (Eph)

A study supports joint and simultaneous vaccination against covid and flu

A study prepared by experts from several universities and health institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia, which will be published soon in the scientific journal The Lancet, endorses that joint vaccination against covid-19 and seasonal flu is safe and can be done simultaneously. This was highlighted this Saturday by the virologist and director emeritus of the National Influenza Center at the Valladolid Clinical Hospital, Raúl Ortiz de Lejarazu, who has expressed that this possibility of supplying both vaccines at the same time and safely "was seen to come ", according to has said in a message of Twitter. The aforementioned study states that none of the laboratories that currently manufacture vaccines against covid-19 have described effects on the co-administration of their doses with other vaccines used against other diseases such as influenza, although some of them did exclude the possibility of simultaneity with other compounds. (Eph)

Brazil exceeds half a million deaths from covid-19

Brazil this Saturday surpassed the fatal bar of 500,000 deaths from covid-19, at a time when the South American giant is heading for a third wave of the disease, according to data from a media consortium that keeps the statistics. According to the consortium, which collects data from the regional health secretariats of the 27 Brazilian states and performs accounting parallel to that of the Ministry of Health, at 2:15 p.m. local time this Saturday, and without accounting for all the data for the day, Brazil accumulated 500,022 deaths from the disease and 17,822,659 cases.

The country registered 1,401 daily deaths and 20,483 new virus infections, although the number should be higher at the end of the day when the Ministry of Health releases the consolidated balance. The data confirm Brazil, with its 210 million inhabitants, as the second country with the most deaths from covid-19 in the world after the United States (601,500) and as the third with the most cases after the North American nation (33, 5 million) and India (29.8 million). (Eph)

The UK reports 14 deaths and 10,321 new cases

The British government reported on Saturday 14 new deaths within 28 days of a positive test for covid-19, compared to 11 the previous day, and another 10,321 new cases of the disease. The data also showed that 81.0% of the adult population has already received the first dose of a vaccine and 59.0% two doses.

Italy touches 1,200 new coronavirus infections and adds 28 deaths

Italy registered 1,197 new coronavirus infections and 28 deaths in the last 24 hours, the Italian Ministry of Health reported this Saturday, which will also supply Jenssen's single-dose vaccine to people under 60 years of age, in particular to those who are homeless, migrants and residents. in hard-to-reach places. With these figures, Italy accumulates 4,252,095 cases of total infections since the national emergency began in February 2020, of which 127,253 people have died. The new infections are kept at a minimum, although they rise slightly (50 cases) compared to the 1,147 infections reported on Friday. (Eph)

The police seal a Sevillian bar after evicting 154 people covid

The Local Police have sealed a hotel establishment in Seville that had 154 people inside and tripled its allowed capacity, as well as two others in Nervión and Alameda de Hércules by failing to comply with the measures imposed to prevent the spread of covid-19. The Police have proceeded, at around 00.45 hours this Saturday, to evict 154 people and seal off an establishment with a permitted capacity of 42 people. The bar, located on Avenida de la Innovación, in the Seville East neighborhood, has been denounced for failing to comply with measures against the pandemic such as the safety distance, the use of masks, or the shared consumption of hookahs, among other breaches. (Eph)

Galicia demands a "de-escalation protocol" to remove the masks

The vice president of the Xunta and Councilor for the Presidency, Alfonso Rueda, has demanded from the Government a "de-escalation protocol" for the removal of the masks abroad announced by the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, for next Saturday, the 26th. In statements to the media after participating in the act of handing over several off-road vehicles to Civil Protection volunteers, Rueda insisted that in Galicia this removal of the masks will be done "based on objective criteria and health data" based on the document that asks the Ministry of Health to present. A protocol that, in any case, will be "studied" in the meeting that the Galician clinical committee holds on Tuesday to see "if it has to be adapted" to the Galician community, in order to advance in a "gradual process,

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