Lots of screens and little physical activity, a dangerous cocktail for two-thirds of teens

 CAUTION The extent of the time spent in front of screens and without physical activity causes health risks for two-thirds of young people in France today

Two children in front of laptop screens. Illustration - Pixabay / Creative Commons.

Two children in front of laptop screens. Illustration - Pixabay / Creative Commons.

According to the National Health Security Agency (ANSES), nearly two-thirds of young people spend too much time in front of the screens, without almost any physical activity, a behavior that causes health risks, the authority said in an opinion delivered on Monday. 

Overweight, obesity, cardiovascular risks, diabetes, even poor quality sleep… The risks are numerous, alarms the National Health Security Agency (ANSES).

Behaviors that influence adult life

"What worries us, and this is why we are launching an alert to the public authorities, is that among adolescents between 11 and 17 years old, two-thirds of them (66%) are particularly exposed to health risks, simply because they have more than two hours of screen per day and because they are less than one hour of physical activity per day, these are danger thresholds ”, explains the Head of the health agency's nutrition risk assessment unit, Irène Margaritis.

Physical activity, "a necessity"

In its opinion, ANSES underlines that "children and adolescents from families with low income or with a low level of education appear to be the most affected by high levels of sedentary lifestyle". Another observation, physical activity "seems lower among girls in the age group of 11-14 years". ANSES is sounding the alert as the spring and fall confinements are further worrying about physical inactivity and the time teenagers spend in front of screens.

“We need to rethink the place of physical activity in our lives, both temporally and spatially. The rhythms of life make it very difficult to have a physical activity outside of school time "in adolescence, underlines Irène Margaritis," but we must also ask the question of town planning, transport, possibility of getting around the towns by bike or on foot ”. “Physical activity and reducing sedentary lifestyle is not a plus, it's a necessity,” she concludes.

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