Vacation Club: From love in "a starry night" to their "sister of heart", they remember their most beautiful encounters

 DARLADIRLADADA (2/4) Vacation clubs have reopened, to the delight of vacationers. The opportunity for them to make new friends or to experience thrills in love

Holidays at the club are an opportunity to make beautiful friendships or romantic encounters. - Pixabay
Holidays at the club are an opportunity to make beautiful friendships or romantic encounters. Pixabay
  • Stepphase asked its readers to tell about their adventures in a vacation club.
  • This second part of our series is devoted to the beautiful encounters of vacationers, during a football match on the beach or during an aperitif game.
  • Pretty parentheses that can turn into lifelong friendships or long-term love affairs
  • All-inclusive formula, sometimes with friendship or love as a bonus. Because people come here to recharge their batteries, with a light heart and an open mind, the vacation club is the ideal place to meet great people. And after a long period of sleep due to the health crisis, many of these fun and sunny residences have reopened this summer, letting summer visitors expect strong emotions. "Holidaymakers going to a club do it because they want to be around the world, to party, especially single people, single-parent families, young people ...", analyzes Michel Proriol, former GO and author of  If the portal did not been opened… My Club Med saga *.“The need for meetings is exacerbated by the health crisis because we do not know if a fourth wave will again put us undercover. Hence the desire not to waste any more time, to enjoy life ”, deciphers Florence Lautrédou, the psychoanalyst.

    This thirst for others linked to the Covid-19 crisis, Christophe Fuss, deputy general manager Tui France, which owns the Marmara and Lookéa clubs, also observes: “From June 9, our reservations have jumped, this which shows the need of people to find social links. At the club, they know that in 48 hours, they have already met a dozen people. Even the timidest”. Because beautiful friendships are forged there every summer. It must be said that the context is favorable. An aperitif game, a football tournament, a step lesson or an “Olympic Games” day, a foam party are all opportunities to get to know each other. As evidenced by Tessa, who answered our call for witnesses: “I went to Djerba, Tunisia. Unforgettable holidays. Animators who set the mood, games all day long, shows every night followed by an evening full of music, nightclub outings, jet skiing to meet dolphins… ”.

    "When you are in a swimsuit around the pool, social divisions no longer exist"

    Everything is done to encourage holidaymakers to talk: “In restaurants, they are encouraged to sit down with other people. In many clubs, familiarity is required, which facilitates relationships, ”says Michel Proriol. And that's without taking into account the role of the animators: "One of their primary missions is to create links between people, to seek out the most isolated, to offer common activities ...", emphasizes Christophe Fuss. . A conviviality that Danie remembers with nostalgia when he recalls his stay in a club in Royan: "It was nice and I really liked this group spirit". And for those who travel with friends, it is even easier to make other friends: "Being part of a group gives confidence, the reassurance of the collective makes it more solid", explains Florence Lautrédou.

    Unlike "real life", at the club, you meet people that you would not have known in your daily life. “When you are in a swimsuit around the pool, social divisions no longer exist. This puts everyone at the same level, ”emphasizes Christophe Fuss. “People are more authentic, they don't need to wear a social mask,” adds Florence Lautrédou.

    “So many adventures and giggles in this very kitsch vacation club! "

    While many make vacation buddies that they will not necessarily see again afterward, it is sometimes the starting point for more lasting friendships, as for Christelle: “I met my dear sister in a club in Marrakech. We have remained the best friends in the world and I will soon be her son's godmother… Nothing would have brought us to meet without this trip ”. Ditto for Magali: “It was in a club in Calabria that I started a beautiful friendship with Marion, Maria, and Delphine. I accompanied Marie, a longtime friend, who was going on vacation with college girlfriends I had never met. So many adventures and giggles in this very kitsch vacation club! Supporting proof: the logbook of our week, which allowed us to engrave our craziest comments on our meetings, our improbable sports sessions, or a memorable wine tasting ending in a magnificent rose bush. This notebook has become in a way the symbol of our level of complicity, which has never changed since our student years ”.

    The clubs have also seen the birth of torrid loves. “Club evenings promote games of seduction. And the beauty of the place, with its idyllic beaches, inspires, ”says Michel Proriol. For Mireille, ex-GM (nice member) of Club Med, the adventure turned out to be a flash in the pan: “Divorced and without a relationship for a long I met a man. I tried everything to seduce him until I put my room number under his nose! One starry night, he finally broke down. After the holidays, we each made the train trip twice to find each other. But he returned to his ex. Me, I had a nice meeting, even if I was sad that it ended like this. Twenty years later, I have fond memories of it. He was not a man for me. So considerate, so bourgeois ... Besides, he found his bourgeois in high heels! », She quips. And according to Florence Lautrédou, this summer should still be full of erotic promises: “People are tired of dating sites, especially after this period of a pandemic. They want to trust chance. The framework of the club allows more lightness on the sentimental level. Relationships seem less engaging than in "real life".a

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